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Friday, July 08, 2005

Fair Evaluations

Bert Web's has an excellent article about Job Evaluaitons over at Open Loops That takes both sides of the Eval into account.
Quote:"Every year, most employees go through some sort of evaluation process. For the employer, this involves going through the files to retrieve all the notes, memos, meeting notes, and other anecdotal information on which to base the evaluation. Unfortunately, in the heat of the daily battles, most employers find it difficult to keep the files up-to-date with accurate information about what workers are doing. "

Excel is extremely helpful with this as the "tracking form" he mentions in the article. Another method that can be a bit more complex but if used right very informative is Outlook Tasks. Assigning the task to the individual gives both sides an open line of comminicating and updating progress if FTF contact is not possible for lengths of time. It also lets the subordinate update without feeling micro managed.


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