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Friday, July 01, 2005

Novice Series - What is Alert.TXT and why is attached to this e-mail???

This is a very common question that has been asked time and time again. Well, here’s the answer.

As you know, viruses are rampant on the internet. Most viruses are spread through the use of e-mail and attachments. Most people currently have anti-virus software on all of the desktops, File Servers and on their Exchange Server (E-mail Server). ALL files going into or out through e-mail get scanned. If the anti-virus software detects a virus or a file type that has been used for spreading viruses you “block” it from going out or in. This blocking includes a quarantine area where you can isolate potentially harmful files.

When an attachment gets quarantined, the software will replace the attachment that was originally there with a text message (ALERT.TXT) that contains a reference number. This reference number is referred to as a “Ticket Number”. It is a reference to where the attachment was quarantined. In this way, administrators can quickly locate the original attachment.

If the attachment is legitimate, you can use this number to get the file from the E-mail administrator or Help desk and forward it to the proper person.

ALERT.TXT FILES ARE NOT VIRUSES. They originate from an Exchange Server or an outside Mail Server letting you know WHAT was removed, WHY it was removed.


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